Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Competing Alliteration

Instead of fiscal stimulus that is temporary, targeted, and timely, John Taylor suggests that it be permanent, pervasive, and predictable.

What the Obama administration is aiming for, it seems, is helpful, hopeful, and humongous.

Critics fear it might end up pointless, political, and pork-filled.


Update: A reader emails me that Larry Summers now calls for stimulus that is speedy, substantial, and sustained.

Other readers think it will be:

  • big, bloated, and borrowed.
  • immodest, immoral, and imbecilic.
  • clumsy, corrupt, and counterproductive.
  • expansive, extensive, and expensive.
  • weighty, worrisome, and wayward.
  • politicized, pandered, and pathetic.
  • socialized, silly, and sorry.
  • random, record-setting, and ridiculed.
  • ultimate utilitarian utopianism.
  • absolutely abjectly apocalyptic.