Thursday, January 03, 2013

ASSA Humor Session

Many of the world's professional economists are spending the next few days in San Diego for the annual ASSA meeting, where economists network, get some publicity for themselves, and learn what other economists are up to. I am skipping this year's meeting to spend more time with family.  You might think that is lazy of me.  But heck, my marginal tax rate just went up.  A bit of extra laziness is optimal.

If I were there, one event I would certainly attend is the annual humor session.  Here is some information about it, in case you are interested:  It is 8 pm on Saturday January 5 in the Manchester Foyer of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Unlike most of the sessions at the meeting, the humor session is free and open to the public. And best of all: the benefit of attending is entirely nonpecuniary, so it won't be reduced by the new higher tax rates!