Friday, December 13, 2013

Answer Sheet

Here are the answers to the Fun Quiz I posted a few days ago:

1.         For 35 years, Bob Barker welcomed those who had "come on down" to this TV game show.

The Price is Right

2.         New Ec10 soap opera starring Luke, Laura, and Francis Edgeworth.

General Equilibrium (or General Equilibrium Hospital)

3.         First U.S. car manufacturer to offer seat belts as an option.


4.         Neurosis shared by bus rides and margarine .

Inferiority Complex

5.         One-word term for one's first apartment.

6.         The result of Atlas's misplacing his celestial sphere.

Deadweight Loss

7.         "Careful!  The Bayeux Tapestry's wall mounts are loose!"

Mural Hazard

8.         Can we use this same phrase for the sensitivity of either crucifix or rosary bead demand to the cost of the crucifix?
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand

9.         Metropolis governed by U-boat captains.
Sub City

10.       Pushpins adorned with benzene rings.

Carbon Tacks

11.       My cousin Vinny is a sports reporter and is always asking coaches at press  conferences, "May-a I-a ________________ you-a on-a that-a?"


12.       Tony Award-winning Miss Saigon actor's hardwood entryway.
Price Floor

13.       Flo's employer.


14.       Red Sox / Yankees:  the most heated one in professional sports.


15.       What we might have when Pamela Ewing's rep is out of control. 

A Principal-Agent Problem
16.       What we've made upon deciding which poem to use in our Super Bowl commercial.

Ad Verse Selection

17.       New Parker Brothers board game fashioned after Laurel & Hardy or Burns & Allen or Rodgers & Hammerstein or Marx & Engels or Masters & Johnson......
18.       If an MP were to suffer a heart attack during David Cameron's question time,  it would be a _____________________________ .

Tragedy of the Commons

19.       The best comedians/comediennes reach the highest point on the  ________________________.

Laugher Curve

20.       Past, Present, or Future Perfect equivalent of the price of our bathroom basin.
Sunk Cost