Friday, November 05, 2010

A QE2 Ditty

Reader Dave Stehman sends in the following:

It's Called Quantitative Easing
I heard it in the headlines
It's news all over town
We might be double dippin'
Green shoots have all turned brown
It's a balance sheet recession
With a housing overhang
But they've got a brand new program
And it will start you with a bang
And it's called, quantitative easing
They say results are always pleasing.
When liquidity all starts freezing
Just warm things up with quantitative easing
I will say it straight and simple
It's clear, just like a bell
There's some long term bonds to buy
There's some short term bonds to sell
Don't talk about the good times
Don't ask me where they went
Just move your inflation target
On up to three point five per cent
And it's called, quantitative easing
This ain't no joke, it ain't no teasing
When the GDP starts wheezing
Treat with a shot of quantitative easing
Good and magic things will happen
It might take a week or three
Unemployment plunging downward
Recovery shaped just like a V
You'll see Nobels at the Treasury
There'll be rock stars at the Fed
It'll take hair off of Krugman's face
Put it on top of Ken Rogoff's head
And it's called, quantitative easin'
This ain't no scam, so don't call no policeman
When the engine of commerce starts seizin'
Just add a quart or quantitative easin'
Show no mercy to the critics
Don't let no one stop your nerve
You can mock Ricardian Equivalence
You can laugh at the Laffer Curve
Tell that guy at the Minneapolis Fed
To shut up, or you'll break his legs
And if the Bond Vigilantes don't like it?
Well, they can go suck eggs
And it's called quantitative easin'
You know I say this for a reason
When the economy just sits there squeezing
Loosen things up with quantitative easing