Monday, February 09, 2009


From my inbox this morning:
Good morning. My name is [withheld], and I am currently taking Economics 103 at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. I am merely writing to informally thank you for producing such a useful textbook, Principles of Economics, Fifth Edition. I appreciate the content and easy reading structure of the text. The course is only two weeks in but I can't seem to put your text down. What's more is that I am not even an Economics major; in fact, I'm a Management Information Systems and Pre-Engineering student hoping to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Aeronautics and Astronautics for graduate school. Again, I want to thank you for putting the effort in and creating an amazing book.

Econ profs: Don't you wish your students felt that way about the textbook you assign? If you aren't using my, and this student's, favorite textbook, maybe it is time for a change. You can get information about the book by clicking here or by emailing