Monday, October 27, 2008

The Best Book Promo of All Time

I am pretty good at promoting my books. (You're reading this blog, aren't you?) But I can't hold a candle to my old friend Ben Bernanke. This email from his publisher, received yesterday, sheds light on his secret plan:

Dear Professor Mankiw,

I wanted to alert you to our paperback edition of Ben Bernanke's ESSAYS ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

As the subprime mortgage and credit disasters continue to wreak havoc on world economies and pocketbooks, many are looking to Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke for guidance and leadership in this tumultuous time. Fortunately, our Fed chief is one of the pre-eminent scholars of the Great Depression. Because of the market turmoil, Bernanke's treatment of the Great Depression has been finding a new audience of readers as media, policymakers, businessmen, professionals, and others--both in the US and abroad--seek to understand our present economic situation.

Best wishes,


I wonder how the economy would be doing if the Fed chairman were author of Dow 36,000.