Saturday, December 23, 2006

Warning: Advertisement

From my inbox this morning:


I have recently just finished taking a Microeconomics course, at Thomas Edison State College, that employed the use of your text book. I spent countless hours reading your textbook... However, it was quite beneficial for me to do so (the countless hours... opportunity costs!).

I am most definitely not in the habit of writing to text book authors (usually, I consider them to be my nemesis!). However, your textbook was absolutely outstanding. The chapters are short and right to the point. It does have case studies and examples for all those interested. It is written very well. The tone assumes that the reader is unfamiliar with economics and that was definitely my case. All of your examples were interesting and useful.

Most importantly, I've never thrown your textbook across the room... A first for me! (I'm not violent or anything... just a bad habit...)