Saturday, July 01, 2006

On Lucky Sperm

From two recent articles in the NY Times:
"I don't believe in dynastic wealth," [Warren Buffett] said, calling those who grow up in wealthy circumstances "members of the lucky sperm club."

Susie, Howard and Peter Buffett — who, like their self-effacing father seem little affected by money — spent the week focusing not on what they might have received. Instead, the siblings said in interviews, they were already at work trying to figure out how to manage a gift from their father valued at about $1 billion each that will go to their own charitable foundations.
That will propel them, along with a larger foundation named for their late mother, into the top ranks of philanthropy.
If you really don't need the right sperm, I know a few people who would be delighted to have $1 billion deposited in their own charitable foundations.