Sunday, May 28, 2006

Helen Thomas on Etiquette

Now I understand why journalist Helen Thomas did not write the Miss Manners column. Here is part of her interview in today's NY Times:

How would you define the difference between a probing question and a rude one?

I don't think there are any rude questions. I don't even like reporters to say thank you.

But you're the one who officially said, "Thank you, Mr. President," at the close of every press conference until 2003, when the practice was abruptly discontinued.

"Thank you" is fine at the end of a press conference. But I don't think you thank the president every time he answers a question. That's his job.

In which case, I won't thank you for granting this interview, lest you judge me too deferential.

Oh, no. Listen. I love it when people thank me.