Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Advice for Grad Students

Because there appeared to be much interest in the advice I offered undergrads in a previous post, let me provide the same service for graduate students in economics.

But rather than doing the work myself, I will outsource the task to some of my colleagues in the profession:
  • Don Davis gives some guidance about finding research topics.
  • John Cochrane tells grad students how to write a paper.
  • Michael Kremer provides a checklist to make sure your paper is as good as it can be.
  • David Romer gives you the rules to follow to finish your PhD.
  • David Laibson offers some advice about how the navigate the job market for new PhD economists.
  • John Cawley covers the same ground as Laibson but in more detail.
  • Kwan Choi office advice about how to publish in top journals.
  • Dan Hamermesh offers advice on, well, just about everything.
  • Assar Lindbeck tells you how, after getting that first academic post, to win the Nobel prize.
Updates: Matthew Pearson explains how to survive the first year of grad school. Hal Varian explains how to build an economic model in your spare time. Jonathan Shewchuk offers tips on giving an academic talk.