Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Blog as a Teaching Tool

Economics textbooks are always a bit out of date, simply because the world is always changing. One goal of this blog is to help economics instructors and their students stay current. Toward that end, my publisher has put together a blog map, which shows how the posts on this blog are related to material in my principles textbook.

My publisher writes:
Ken McCormick and David Hakes have done a very nice job of updating this weekly -- providing topic and page references to each post in an organized manner so users of the fifth edition can easily locate/apply/assign your posts to text content. Your blog allows your text to remain the most current on the market. With this map it's now the most current -- and organized. We're very open to having customers provide us with feedback on the map -- positive or constructive.
The link to the blog map is above. If you have feedback, send it to Please copy me as well.