Monday, November 06, 2006


My Harvard colleague Dani Rodrik sends me an email requesting some publicity for the Kennedy School's Master in Public Administration in International Development:

Hi Greg,

A graduate of our MPA/ID program, and a former student of mine, has written to me that you frequently entertain questions in your blog from prospective graduate students who are looking for a serious, rigorous policy-relevant program, but find few options out there.

I am the faculty chair of the MPA in International Development program at the KSG, which would be a good option to consider for those who are interested in development and international economics. We do serious, PhD-level two semester sequences in micro, macro, and stats/econometrics (textbooks: Mas-Collel, Whinston, Green, Romer, etc.). It's all done in a policy-serious way, with case workshops and so on. Here is the link in case you are interested to find out more.

Thanks, and I hope you are well.


The program is, in fact, very strong. Students in the program are among some of our best ec 10 teaching fellows. If you want to learn some serious economics beyond college, are interested in policy jobs rather than academic jobs, and aren't eager to make the approximately five-year commitment required for a PhD, this program is a good choice.