Saturday, August 26, 2006

Warning: Advertisement

Over at, Rachel (single, female, libra from California) endorses my favorite economics textbook and the Xtra! online textbook resource:
if you ever choose to take an economics class, make sure the professor assigns a textbook by Mankiw. I swear by this man, people. He is an amazingly good author, which is something 99f economists are NOT. I'm actually reading a different version of the book below (there are 5, i believe- mine is called wait, maybe it is this one) no.. its not, I don't really have time to look for the version i have but I do have a camera phone so I guess i can post my own picture... heheheh... that makes me feel clever. handy little phone. btw, I found my phone. in case you were wondering.oh- and the Xtra! thing--- so useful, the subscription lasts a year... very neato stuff, but if you're just reading it for your own interests, it not really necessary, its just alternative ways to tell you shit that may be hard to pick up on by reading, especially if math is not your strong point when it comes to economics.